All art is created by community members


Abortion helps communities thrive.

Abortion Postcard is dedicated to destigmatizing abortion by facilitating open conversations across communities about the medical facts and social and economic realities that ground a person’s choice to abort.  All art is created by San Antonians that support abortion access, and support opening the conversation about abortion among all peoples, cultures and generations. The unique postcard art – sometimes bombastic and sometimes abstract, but always urgent – invites viewers to reflect and encourages dialogues about the intersections between our bodies and our rights.

How we destigmatize abortion


All artwork is created by community members who support abortion access. This art is meant to destigmatize abortion by showing that people all around us support abortion and believe that the right to an abortion is powerful.

community outreach

Abortion Postcard participates in numerous community events that range from protests to tabling that encourage others to consider that abortion is the right choice for many people.


All postcards that we hand out have medical and scientific facts on the back about abortion. All information is supported by multiple medical associations and years of research on their behalf.

sometimes, abortion is the answer

how to get involved